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STU "The Piano Guy"


"A Class Act"

"Stu really helped to make our party memorable and special and I will remember it forever! Everyone had a great time and continues to rave about him.  He is such a class act and I do hope I get to see/hear him again soon!" - Tiffany


Everyone had such a wonderful time, thanks to Stu.  A night to remember for sure.  My neighbor took some video of you and sent it to his friend who said. “Why am I not there?!” - Vicki

"A Great Evening"

"We only came in for a quick cocktail and ended up staying all night because of Stu!  We enjoyed it so much we came back again two nights later. Thanks for two great evenings!" - David & Maggs


“Stu, outstanding job for our party!  Great skills, music and interaction with the guests.  Lots of great comments from the guests!  Hope to have you back here in the future!”- David

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