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Michael “Stu” Stoinski

 Lindenhurst IL ▪ (847) 951-4196


I am a very respectful man. I pride myself on being a faithful & loyal husband, a loving father & an all around decent human being. I am helpful and courteous. I am a good friend to my lifetime friends & new acquaintances. Often, I have stopped to help a stranger in need to fix a tire, carry groceries, or do other random acts of kindness such as paying for someone’s order behind me in a drive-thru. I view myself as positive contribution to society & a great person to know. I am professional & entertaining & carry a reputation as someone who is always there if you need me. I am flawed. I make mistakes. More importantly, I try to learn from those mistakes & continuously make efforts to avoid or repeat them. I am loved by countless others for various reasons & take pride in my relationships & who I’ve become as a person.


Business Owner/Entrepreneur/Musician


Creative, strategic, entrepreneurial, and effective business professional, with demonstrated ability to build a successful and sustained music business, and with excellent critical acclaim. Developed and implemented effective business models, and applied strong sales, marketing, and relationship building skills


Skills and Expertise

  • Song Writer

  • Entertainer

  • Music Producer

  • Song Producer

  • Group Facilitation

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Revenue Growth ​​

  • Public Speaking

  • Fostering Collaboration

  • Relationship Building

  • Instructor

  • Customer Service                                                                                                                                                                        

Professional Experience                                                             

STUpendous Productions LLC, – Chicago, IL                                                                    Feb 2004-Present President/Owner

  • Built the business from a startup to a sustainable source of income

  • Enabled effective communications between management, personnel, clients and vendors

  • Self-starter, highly efficient and collaborative

  • Inspired and driven professional with strong multi-tasking abilities

  • Maintained a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business

  • Applies creative approaches, meeting evolving challenges and deadlines, resulting in a 70% growth in business over several years

  • Friendly and professional, with demonstrated ability to establish long term positive and engaging relationships with others  ​

Hewitt Associates – Lincolnshire, IL                                                                              Dec 1999 – Dec 2004

Designated Facilitator

  • Developed and delivered training curriculum

  • Organized in house and offsite activities, including presentations, job simulations and role-playing exercises

  • Facilitated Customer Relationship Management activities for suppliers, vendors and third-party administrators

  • Analyzed and researched marketplace intelligence for competitive advantage

  • Provided customer service support to internal and external customers 

Affiliations and Interests

CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) Puppy Raiser                                                   2007-Present Carmel H.S. Street Scenes Annual Fundraiser                                                                           2010-Present  St. Patrick’s Annual Children’s Christmas Concert                                                                   2014-Present P.A.D.S. Solo Concert Fundraiser                                                                                                  1994 



Columbia College of Missouri                                                                                                                Dec 2000

Bachelor of Science Degree, English & Psychology


Los Angeles Film School, Hollywood, CA                                                                                            Aug 2022

Associates of Science Degree, Music Engineering

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