Singer / Songwriter/ Entertainer 

Michael “Stu” Stoinski was born and raised in the Northern Chicago Suburbs and found his love for music at very young age.  As a child he would spend countless hours listening to music from his library of records. When he was grounded he would hide his Fisher Price Tape Recorder under his pillow and listen to cassettes while falling asleep. 


The piano stole his heart at the age of 8 when he attended a musical at the Marriot Lincolnshire Theater.  The production had a clear piano on stage which allowed the audience to see the inner workings of the piano as it was being played.  He begged his parents for lessons and would pretend to play the piano along with TV theme songs, using gloves laid on the floor as his imaginary keyboard. His parents finally started him on lessons the age of 9 and got a “rent to own” piano thinking, “This won’t last long.”  He still has that same piano today.  


His lessons began with a classical music teacher, Georgia Cobb.  She was first chair violin at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and gave Stu his piano groundwork but, she was strict with her music style and when Stu brought in a Billy Joel music book she told him, “If you want to play this garbage, you’ll have to go somewhere else!”  Stu picked up his books and walked out.


Stu’s mother found him another teacher, Eric Sutz, who taught him how to play songs he really enjoyed with more freedom.  Stu took these more “free-style” lessons with Eric for another five or six years and truly credits him for creating the foundation for the musician he is today.


Moving on from piano lessons, Stu started playing in a garage band, “Point Blank” and continued on to be an original member in the Wisconsin band, “Bella Cain”. He is most commonly a “one-man-show” but does occasionally play with a drummer or as a trio.


Stu regularly plays at countless bars and restaurants, entertains for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and numerous other special events.  He is known for his fun attitude, free-style playing and high energy.  Of his many accomplishments Stu is most proud of his original music, he has funded and recorded two albums, with a third hopefully in the future.  


Stu currently offers a large array of services, including but not limited to weddings, special events, composing and more!  He plays mainly in-between Milwaukee and Chicago but has enjoyed traveling to further distances for events as well! From a cook-out in swim shorts, to a black tie wedding in a tuxedo, Stu can customize your musical experience do be exactly what you want for your event. For more information please feel free to contact him on the Contact page of this site!